Event Attendee Procedures for U.S. Only & Classified Events

The following guidance is in accordance with GTRI Policy #12110 (Classified Conferences & Meetings) & GTRI Policy #12018 (Random Entry/Exit Inspection Program).


  • All attendees must check-in at the Security Registration Desk before entering the following events: U.S. Only and Classified Meetings/Conferences/Courses.
  • Visit certification validated as received in support of classified meetings/conferences/courses.
  • A photo identification, issued by a state or federal agency, is required for entrance to a classified meeting.
    • Each participant’s identification shall be checked to verify their identity as it appears on the provided Research Security meeting roster.
    • Acceptable forms of identification are:
      • State Identification/Driver's License;
      • Military/Government Credentials; or
      • U.S. Government Passport.
  • After verification of authorized photo identification; a unique badge, wristband, or other identifiable marking, or combination thereof, shall be issued by Research Security personnel to be used to identify attendees.
  • Re-entry into a conference area will be closely monitored by Security Providers.
    • Attendees shall ensure issued conference credentials are in plain view at all times.
  • Attendees are responsible to ensure classified material is returned to the Security Provider at the end of the day.
  • NO classified material is authorized to be outside of the cleared conference area!
  • A storage holding area is available for prohibited items while attending an event.

Prohibited Items

The following items are “Prohibited” within any institute secure space, i.e.:

  • Any device with communication, synchronization, audio/video/data recording and/or playback features to include:
    • Cameras / Cellular Phones / Fitness Trackers / Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) / Smart Devices
    • Two-Way Pagers / Two-Way Radios (Exception: First Responders, i.e. Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical)
    • Unauthorized Laptops/Tablets
    • Unauthorized Software/Hardware/Flash Drives
    • Video Devices / Voice Recorders
  • Any items which are illegal to trade, carry, produce, or otherwise have in one's possession.
  • Any object or substance designed, intended, or used to inflict or threaten bodily injury.

NOTE: IAW DoD Directive 8100.02 - this restrictive policy does not apply to receive-only pagers, Global Position System receivers, hearing aids, pacemakers, other implanted medical devices, or personal life support systems. Contact Research Security management personnel for further guidance and approvals.

Contact The Following For Additional Information:

Research Security Help Desk 
Phone: 404-407-6661
Email: RShelp@gtri.gatech.edu

GTRI is committed to the safety of our community and mitigating the spread and harmful effects of COVID-19.  Please visit the Georgia Tech Stamps Health Services website as well as the CDC website for latest guidance concerning COVID-19.